A2 Motorcycle Licence

A2 Motorcycle Licence


You must be aged a minimum of 19 have done your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) and the DVSA motorcycle theory test

What can I ride with a full A2 licence?

The category A2 motorcycle licence allows you to ride middle weight  motorcycles or scooters once obtained you can:

  • Ride any restricted motorcycle that is limited to 47 Bhp or 35 kW
  • Carry a pillion passenger
  • Ride on motorways

To find out more info about passing your unrestricted licence please click here.

What are the minimum requirements?

In order to take your full bike licence you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be the minimum age of 19
  • Have already passed your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)
  • Completed the DVSA motorcycle theory test  

please note

If you want to train for your practical test (DAS), on an restricted bike, you can only do so if accompanied by a professionally qualified D.S.A. approved motorcycle instructor.

How do I get an A2 licence?

Restricted A2 Motorcycle Licence

This test must be taken on a minimum of a 395cc motorcycle with a power output of between 26Bhp 20 kW – 47Bhp 35 kW. 

What is classed as middle weight? 

The maximum power to weight ratio is not allowed to be more than 0.2kW per kg, also any bike that produces more than 70kW or 94Bhp in standard factory issue may not be able to be restricted down to 35kW or 47Bhp.

What next?

If you have held this licence for 2 years or more or are aged 21 (Would have taken your A2 at 19) you can upgrade to an A licence (full motorcycle licence) in order to do this you can must retake your Mod 1 & Mod 2 tests, however you don’t need to retake your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) or motorcycle theory test.



Yes, You will need to take the the motorcycle theory test even if you have done a theory for a car licence already. The motorcycle theory test must be done prior to taking your training and practical tests.

You can book your theory test on the official DVSA website.

If you are a complete beginner and aged 19 – 23 or over we’d recommend that you start with the following: 

  • Attend our ride and try sessions 
  • If you enjoyed our ride and try session and wish to go on to the next stage we would encourage you to do your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)
  • Once you have done your CBT we are able to discuss the different options of training such as a restricted DAS (Direct Access Scheme) and be able to give an estimate on how much time you’ll need 

You can book your theory test online by visiting the gov.uk web page.

It costs £23 to take your motorcycle theory test you can pay via direct debit. 

We recommend that you study the highway code and mock questions as well as the hazard perception.

Completing the A category (Full Bike Licence) allows you to ride any cc or kw power bike without any weight or BHP restrictions 

CBT - From £129

First Time - Why not do a Ride & Try?

Still Concerning Your Options?

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