Advanced Training

your own kit

CBT Your Bike
£ 90 *valid Insurance, MOT & tax documents REQUIRED


£ 140 *Helmet, jacket, gloves, waterproofs Included

Use Our Kit

£ 120 *Helmet, jacket, gloves, waterproofs Included

Your Own Kit

£ 160 *valid Insurance, MOT & tax documents REQUIRED


Ever wanted to get the most out of riding you motor cycle? we offer bespoke advance training for anyone looking to get up to the next level or just want the confidence to ride bigger bikes.


If you’re a rider thats has been off the road for a while it may be time to brush up on a few of the essential skill designed to keep you safe when riding 

Advanced training is very useful if you are considering getting into the would of training, touring, cruising or any for of riding that would benefit from having a few extra skills, 

Everyone  feels like they are an indestructible rider but if  you find yourself having too many hair raising moments it may be the time to brush up your skills,

Our advance training  course could open the door to a whole host of possibilities, considering a new career? This course would give you some extra understanding of what it takes to become that next level of rider you have always dreamed to be.  

We recommend the course to anyone that is at or above the A2 level licence although we encourage anyone that uses a motorcycle for occupation, commuting or pleasure to give this course a try.

Classroom - 8.00am @rob

Your CBT typically starts around 8.00am and starts in the theory classroom we ask you for your driving licence and proof of MOT, TAX if using your own bike. We will also check over your bike before we start any practical part of you CBT so please ensure your bike is road legal and safe prior to your arrival.

Off Road - 10.00am @rob

After the classroom session we do the show me tell me part of the CBT where we will ask and explain different parts of the motorbike before taking you to one of our off road PAD’s where we get you familiar with the bikes controls and pulling away to begin with. 

On Road - 4.00pm @rob

After the off road session we go back into the classroom and take you over some really important points you need to know before going out on the road where we will make you preform U turns and emergency stopping, slow control and safety. This is the main part of the training and one of the last thing s you need to do before you find out wether you have passed of failed your CBT.



Here are RS Motorcycle Training we do not tolerate anyone putting themselves or others at risk anyone suspected of this will be asked to leave and will not be entitled to a refund


PPE or Personal Protection Equipment must be warn at all times when doing any practical part of the CBT. Failure to bring your own may result in your CBT being cancelled unless requested beforehand.


We use one way radios to communicate with you whilst doing any pratical part of your training you must bring your own in ear headphones.


When doing any part of your CBT if something doesn’t look right please let one of the instructors know immediately to help keep you safe.

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