Direct Access Scheme

Direct Access Scheme





A Motorcycle Licence

What is DAS (Direct Access Scheme)

DAS is considered to be the fastest way to obtain your A licence allowing you to ride any motorcycle without any power band limitations or engine size limitations. 

To be able to utilise the direct access scheme you must be a minimum age of 24, have already passed a CBT (Conclusory Basic Training) and passed the motorcycle theory test from the D.V.S.A.

Both modules of the test commonly referred to as MOD 1 & MOD 2 must be taken on a motorcycle that is above 595cc, weighs at least 180kg and produces at least 54bhp (40kw). Here at RS we use the  Suzuki Gladius. Important to note is that if you wish to practice prior to your test you must be accompanied by a fully qualified instructor, you can not do this by yourself.


What Does It Take?

If you’re considering getting out there and experiencing new things then you can rest assured we have you covered even if you have no bike or safety equipment.

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Step 1 CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)

Before you do anything you must have you CBT. If you need this you can find out more here

Step 2 Theory Test (D.V.S.A)

Once you have a CBT your must then have passed your theory test this is always done through a D.V.S.A test centre 

Step 3 Module 1 (MOD 1)

Now that you have both your CBT and Theory out the way with you can now do your MOD 1 this is carried out off road in a specifically designed M.P.T.C (Multi Purpose Test Centre), To find out more about what the MOD 1 involves click here.

Step 4 Module 2 (MOD 2)

After your MOD1 your you can almost see the finish line, the MOD 2 test will take place on the road and once passed is the final stage of the tests needed to obtain your Full A licence, To find-out more about the MOD 2 please click here. 


You will train to take the module 1 assessment over the 1st couple of days in an off-road area determined by your RS Motorcycle Instructor, this may be in the motorcycle manoeuvring area (MMA) where you will take your actual assessment, (if available), or on a private area selected by the instructor.

Wheeling the motorcycle from one bay to another.

(1 Stands & manual handling green cones)

Riding through the slalom which also incorporates the figure of “8”.

(2 & 3 slalom yellow cones, figure of eight, blue cones)

Your slow ride control to the 4 blue cones

 (4 Slow riding ability)

Your U-turn

(5 Remaining inside the 2 white lines & using appropriate observations)

Your controlled stop

(6 & 7 in second gear, & stopping in the 4 blue “front wheel only” cones in first gear as if arriving at a junction)

Your emergency breaking

(9 in full control of the motorcycle @ 33mph “no wheels locking”)

Your hazard avoidance

(11 @ 33mph stopping in second gear)

Please remember

your RS Motorcycle instructor will use a client-centred approach so you will be able to practice the exercise required in any order and spend more time on those you would like to practice further. This is your training, and you should have open dialogue with your instructor about what you need to be successful.


Every time you ride on the road you are practising for the module 2 test. Your RS Motorcycle instructor will select routes suitable for your ability at each stage of your programme. Training will cover various Road and traffic conditions, (but not on motorways) During your training you will focus on key test requirements such as the following

Normal stops

An angle start (pulling out from behind a parked vehicle)

A hill start (where possible)

Planning for junctions, roundabouts pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, to name a few.

Your emergency breaking

The RS Motorcycle instructor will give you directions using pack talk intercoms, as this will get you used to how the DVSA examiner will give directions on your test.

Riding test routes are not published, so we cannot check them before your test, but your RS instructor will ensure you cover the types of roads you can reasonably expect to encounter on your test

Training for the Independent ride

Your RS Motorcycle instructor will teach you how to ride independently. You will have about 10 minutes of independent riding during your test on the module 2 assessments it is an important element of your training, and you will need to practice it to become proficient.

It is designed to assess your ability to ride safely while making your own decisions. Your RS motorcycle instructor will give you instruction to either follow signs or may provide a diagram, or a combination of both.

During the independent ride, your instructor will provide guidance on directions. For example, the roundabout where the instructor wants you to (for example) turn right by taking the third exit may be a mile or so away. It is then up to you to:

Find the roundabout

Time your approach to the roundabout completely independently.

Independent riding reflects ‘real-life’ riding and will be an especially important, but enjoyable part of your training.

Please feel free to ask

we encourage our students to ask questions on any area of your training you are not sure about, your instructor will be happy to help.


If you are a beginner we recommend that you start with one of our rind and try sessions. This lesson allows your instructor to get a really good understanding  of your strengths and weaknesses and from there we can advise the best strategy to meet your goals

This is a rough guideline if you require abetter understanding of how long it will take you we would need to accesses your riding ability this can be done though our ride and try sessions.

Very experienced: 2 – 3 Days – 14 – 21 Hours
Some experienced: 4 – 5 Days – 28 – 35 Hours
Complete novice: 5 – 7 Days – 35 – 49 Hours

Test Times:

CBT (1 Full Day)
Theory Test (57 minutes)
MOD 1 (20 minutes)
MOD 2 (40 minutes)

Completing your A licence earns you the ability to ride any unrestricted  motorcycle. This can be one of the most freeing experiencing however if you have little experience on a motorcycle and want to help sharpen skills such as cornering, breaking and other advanced ring techniques we offer training to support you and become a safer and more confident rider. Find out more here

Book Your DAS Today From £689

Bookings may vary in price depending on rider ability

Still Concerning Your Options?


DAS (Direct Access Scheme)

What is DAS?

The  Direct Access Scheme (DAS) is the perfect solution if you already have a CBT,  provisional or full car license,  & a motorcycle theory certificate in your hands & would like to step up to an A1, A2, or A motorcycle license. 


The DAS or Direct Access Scheme is for all provisional license holders (17 yrs old & above) & is taken on motorcycles of 125cc or 11kw & above.

The reason why the DAS scheme is considered one of the best ways to get your full motorcycle license is how simple it is to obtain it.

Our bespoke courses cover you from a refresher of your CBT all the way through to taking, MOD 1, and MOD 2 assessments and on to advanced riding skills.

The training is cleverly engineered to give you skills that your muscle memory can’t but take on and will be vital to your success in getting your full license.

We all feel that nervous feeling just before getting assessed by the examiner, that’s why we are here to help! we’ll teach you in a way that works bespoke to you.

What to expect on the day


Here at RS Motorcycle Training, we do not tolerate anyone putting themselves or others at risk, anyone suspected of this will be asked to leave and will not be entitled to a refund.


PPE or Personal Protection Equipment must be worn at all times when conducting any practical part of the CBT/DAS course, Failure to bring or use our safety kit or your own may result in your course being canceled.

unless you have requested spacific items beforehand


We use one-way communications Cardo pack talks & student-supplied 3.5mm earphones to communicate with you whilst conducting any practical part of your motorcycle training.


When conducting any part of your CBT/DAS, if something doesn’t look safe or right please advise one of the instructors know, who will immediately help keep you safe.

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