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(Compulsory basis training) This should be considered as your first step enabling you to ride a 125cc motorcycle.

Ride & Try

If you aren't sure where to get started or just need a few lesions to get back to riding then we have you coverd.


Direct Access Scheme, if you hold a provisional license and won't to know your next steps look no further.

Motorcycle Licences


This allows you to ride a 125cc not exceeding 11kW without L plates and carry a pillion passenger 17 or older


If your are 19 or old you may want to consider getting an A2 licence


This is your full motorcycle licence can be obtained between the ages of 21 to 23

CBT Test Crawley

We have access to over 5 different training grounds based around Crawley and West Sussex, giving us the advantage when teaching students to get comfortable on the bike before getting out on the open road. 

We have designed and developed a bespoke level of training different to what you might find at other training  schools, that not only gives you the tools to be safe but allows you to ride for yourself, without making the training overwhelming.    

We want to make sure you get a great feeling for the roads, and ensure you have what it takes to not just pass your test but smash it even if you are new and feeling a little bit sheepish about the whole experience. 

“Here at Rs Motorcycle Training we have what it take for you to gain the experience and confidence to ride safely.”

Frequently Asked Questions

A CBT is a full day of training and usually is from 9.00 – 17.00. However please check with your instructor on the day.

Please let your instructor know as soon as possible, your CBT may be able to be rescheduled.

(T&C’s apply)

We offer a wide range of training  from CBT’s to advance training  please refer to this section to find out more. 

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