First steps to bike riding

Most students will need to complete a CBT before riding a motorbike on the road in the UK (Note: there are some differences depending on when your license was issued). The CBT is not a pass/fail test, but an instruction course to ensure that all riders are competent and safe to ride on the road,

(It is the student’s responsibility to have a good knowledge of the highway code, if you are unsuccessful in this area of the CBT, we are not allowed to take you on the road ride).

CBT – £145

Applying for a new CBT Or your CBT has expired.

Includes motorcycle hire, helmet, jacket, gloves, fuel & use of our waterproofs if required
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Applying for a CBT renewal, the student supplied:

Roadworthy motorcycle, all legal documentation.
 (Please see our T&C’s)
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Ride & Try & Gears Upgrade

Unsure as to whether you would like to ride a motorcycle? or perhaps change over to a geared machine, Our “Ride n Try” session is a great start, bring along your friend too, feel free to contact us to find out more.

silhouette achievements success

Direct Access Scheme (DAS)

Prior to a DAS course, we will assess your current skills with you, & advise you on which course to select.

Your “free” assessment session will last for a minimum, of 30 mins on road.

Fuel for training on DAS motorcycles will be the student’s responsibility at the end of each day.

Additional half day if required £90.00 / full day added to any package purchased £150.00.

 FROM £399 to £699

A1 Licence over 17 years of age

Motorcycle must be a 125cc & power is not to exceed 11kw (14.6bhp), The motorcycle you take your test on, is the maximum size you will be allowed to ride, the module 1 & 2 tests can be on the final day, or split over 2 half days, this allows you to ride on motorways, carry a passenger & NO “L” plates, if you require a larger motorcycle, you will require an A2 or DAS course, dependant on your age.

FROM £599 TO £699

A2 Licence 19  to 23 years of age, or an A2 accelerated access

A motorcycle of at least 245cc with a power output between 25 and 35 kW (33bhp and 46.6 bhp), the size of the bike you test on is the maximum size you will be permitted to ride, if you want to ride anything bigger you must do DAS after 2 years of holding an A2 license or when you become 24, The module 1 & 2 Tests can be taken on the final day or split over 2 days.

4-DAYS £699
 Age 24 & over (Or have held an A2 license for a minimum of 2 years prior to the DAS course the motorcycle must be at least 595cc with a power output of at least 40kw or (53.6bhp), Once you passed your Direct Access you are allowed to ride any size bike you choose to with no restriction on size, (cc) or weight.

5-DAYS £799
Our most popular course for inexperienced riders. (have held your CBT for at least 6 months with continuous riding & also your theory test completed,  looking to complete the A Licence or A2 (restricted to 35kw aged 21 to 23). Has been riding on an A2 license for longer than 2 years. (accelerated access to full license),DAS full A unrestricted(24 & above), The module 1 & 2 tests can be on the last day or split over 2 half days

test Retakes

A Charge For The Instructor, Short Recap, And To Test.  (Ie. 1 Hour Prior To Test), £90.00 + Fees.
If You Feel You Require Further Time Prior To Your Test This Would Require An Extra Charge.
 Additional Half Day Is £100.00 / Full Day Is £160.00.

confidence build & Advanced

”How can I improve cornering” Braking is Time to corner, the 1st most important skills
in good cornering, Steps to braking + gears when cornering the important key is that you
must operate these steps ”Continuously Flowing smoothly”
Depending on the corner, you’ll want to ease off the brakes/ get on the gas at slightly different times. 
Supported by our I.A.M. instructor.


Half-day instruction your own machine.


Full-day your motorcycle.


Half-day RS Motorcycle Hire


Full-day RS Motorcycle Hire

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