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Rob Stokes T/A RS Motorcycle Training Sussex (“RSMT”)

By booking with RSMT, you (“The Customer”) are agreeing to comply with the following terms and conditions, and you confirm you have a current UK license (or UK counterpart for foreign licenses) and have no current or pending ban.

Must be received in full upon booking a CBT, DAS/A2/A1 Advanced, or confidence-building course.

Customers must give 7 days’ notice for all booked CBT courses payment is non-refundable should you cancel within 7 days, outside 7 days a refund is subject to a minimum admin fee of £40.

DAS (Direct Access Schemes) Licences A / A1 / A2 / AA / Advanced or Confidence build courses, a £250 non-refundable deposit upon booking to reserve your place, or full payment (£250 of which will be used as a non-refundable deposit ) If the booking is made less than 14 working days of the course start date, payment must be in full at time of booking. £250 will be kept as a non-refundable deposit if paying the full amount for any course.
Cancellation without the requisite notice period, all monies paid are NON-REFUNDABLE. If a customer decides to end their training before completion or during any part of their course, no refunds or credits will be given.
Notification of cancellation will only be accepted by email.
Failure to attend a booked course of training without prior agreement will incur the loss of any deposit and any balance owing to cover the full cost of that training.
If under their duty of care an RSMT instructor deems it necessary to cease training due to inebriation, drug use, or fatigue, or any reason that would be a safety issue, no refunds or credit will be given. The instructor’s decision is final.
If a customer is unable to attend or complete their training due to incorrect, incomplete paperwork, an invalid CBT, or if using their own vehicle the vehicle is defective/unsafe, is unable to produce valid insurance, tax, or MOT certificate, or is inappropriately dressed for safe motorcycle riding (sturdy jeans & ankle boots are required) or fails the eyesight test, this will lead to cancellation of training. No refunds or credits will be given.
If a course is booked with RSMT, and the customer fails to reach the required standard, this will put the rest of the course (i.e.: module/1 & module/2 tests) at risk. The DSA requires a minimum of 10 working days’ notice to cancel a module/1 or module/2 test.

Should a customer cancel a test within this period, the test slot and instructor fees will be forfeit.
If a customer does not pass a Mod/1 test and there are less than 10 working days before a booked and confirmed module/2 test, the test slot fee & instructor fee will be forfeit.
A module/1 & module/2, that requires re-booking will be charged, the test fee & the instructor’s time for the re-take.
Any rescheduled / on-hold training is non-refundable if canceled.
Training can only be rescheduled (as per above) a maximum of 2 times, after which you forfeit the training without any refund. On Hold, training expires after 2 months of the original booking date, after which you forfeit the training and fees any future training is payable in full.
RSMT is not responsible for any DVSA test cancellations or failures. It is the customer’s responsibility to book any retest and/or seek compensation directly.

All customers attending training should have good knowledge & have read & understood the Highway Code. Training will be terminated if an RSMT instructor deems the customer to be unsafe due to a lack of comprehension relating to the Highway Code, before you can take your bike test you need to have passed your THEORY TEST, which we recommend you do prior to any training beyond the CBT. No refunds or credits will be given.

All training is delivered in English. A full working knowledge & a good understanding of English is required. Training will be terminated if an RSMT instructor deems the customer to be unsafe due to a lack of comprehension. No refunds or credits will be given.
Failure to arrive within 15 minutes of the start of the agreed training time, will lead to cancellation of training No refunds or credits will be given.

Motorcycles supplied as part of a training course are subject to a £750 insurance excess. Customers causing damage to a school vehicle will be liable to the repair costs up to the maximum of £750 being the maximum liability of the insurance excess.

RSMT may provide equipment for the customer to use during training and in the event of RSMT equipment being damaged in any form, a full replacement for new will apply e.g., safety helmet, jackets, gloves, Hi-Viz vests & waterproofs (Please enquire with the instructor for costs).

During training, should a customer cause or be involved in an accident or incident due to not following instructions or by becoming separated from the instructor, the insurance will be invalidated and all costs including the full recovery & repair of the vehicles involved will be the customer’s responsibility.
If the customer is under 18 years of age, then the customer’s parent(s) or legal guardian shall assume full liability for costs and charges as detailed in the previous paragraph. 

Cover for personal injury, cancellations, accidents, loss of income sustained through injury, or costs of any other kind are the responsibility of the customer.

RSMT Instructors are committed to safety and have a duty of care and if a customer becomes a danger to themselves or the public, RSMT reserve the right to cease training. The instructor will justify their decision. The relevant cancellation conditions will apply.
The customer should arrive wearing appropriate clothing & footwear for training. No trainers, shorts, flip flops, ripped jeans, or skirts. Stout shoes/boots with ankle protection are required.
No responsibility will be taken if customers give inaccurate or misleading information resulting in an inappropriate course being booked. The relevant cancellation conditions will apply.
RSMT and its instructors will endeavor to complete all training as agreed (CBT will be guided by the DSA standards) to our customers. We reserve the right to change or cancel training dates and courses if events beyond our control require such action, such as unsafe weather conditions, mechanical failure.

If the customer is unable to complete the training exercises or demonstrate proof of proficiency and to the standard set out by DVSA, further training may be required at additional cost. No refunds or credits will be due.
The customer must inform the instructor prior to the commencement of training of any medical conditions, disabilities, or special needs that may impact training. Failure to disclose any medical condition / special needs could mean the training is compromised and may result in RSMT canceling, at the expense of the customer.
All fuel used during training is the responsibility of the customer, apart from CBT training. The customer is required to top up the vehicle fuel tank at the end of each day’s training.
Licenses, Motorcycle Theory & DL196 certificates will be checked for authenticity and training canceled if the documents prove fake or invalid. No refunds or credits will be due.

If the customer conducts training with RSMT on a motorcycle provided by the customer, then the customer warrants that:
The motorcycle is roadworthy, provides proof of valid insurance (min 3rd Party), Provides Proof of valid MOT certificate, Provides Proof of valid Road Fund Licence (Tax),
RSMT Is not liable for all costs incurred for any damage or accidents howsoever caused by the customer
Failure to provide/agree on the above will lead to the cancellation of training. No refunds or credits will be given.
RSMT will take all necessary precautions to provide a safe learning environment and will ensure that all government legislation is complied with, & set out at the time, we are not legally allowed to continue your training, and you will forfeit your training. 
We are not authorized to supply, masks, inner gloves, sanitizer for your use, for this reason, we will have to turn you away and disappoint you, please arrive with these items.
We may supply helmets, jackets, and gloves; sanitized for your use, however, we strongly recommend that you provide your own if possible.

Please bring a mask and hand sanitizer to use throughout the day, and if using our gloves, you need to bring thin liner gloves (please no rubber or latex) these items are Compulsory.
We do not supply earpieces for the road ride; however, we advise if you have a set of headphones/earpiece with a standard jack fitting of 3.5mm such as used with a mobile phone, that you bring these items with you on the day
all our equipment will be sanitized prior to use, Students are to comply with social distancing guidelines, Students must advise RSMT of any COVID-19 symptoms displayed prior to training.

Please be aware, that RSMT prices and T’s & C’s may change at any time without prior notification. T’s & C’s apply to all training booked including wrong training and our cancellation policy.

The full day rate is chargeable for the first half-hour of any morning and/or afternoon to cover costs incurred on that day.

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